Plans and Rates

Core Energy offers a variety of rate plans ranging to Fixed Price for a period of time, a Month to Month Variable Rate and a Capped Rate.

Fixed Rate: Your monthly rate stays the same for a set period of time, which means you pay the same price per Term each and every month.

Variable Rate: In this case, your rate is priced according to market prices. This means, as the market price increases, so does your rate. The same holds true when the market price decreases.

Capped Rate: To address seasonal fluctuations in market prices, a Capped Rate sets the maximum rate during the year or during a period of time. The rate can vary from month to month up to the Cap Rate during the period. This plan can help you take advantage of lower market prices during off-peak seasons.

For More Information on our current Rates please call 877-329-3495.

Core Energy Residential Natural Gas Rates
Market Area Month of Gas Use Current Month Variable Rate / Therm Capped Rate Effective JAN 2022
New Jersey Natural Gas JAN 2022 -
APR 2022
Not to exceed $0.91 N/A

* Fixed Rates will be offered based on Market conditions. At this time Core Energy is not offering a Fixed Price.

Regulatory Disclaimer: Core-Energy does not guarantee that our rates will provide a savings when compared to other suppliers of natural gas including the utility.

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