Welcome to Core Energy

Core Energy is a licensed (New Jersey License GSL-0089) and leading choice supplier of natural gas in the New Jersey marketplace. We're proud to serve both residential and business customers located in the New Jersey and South Jersey Natural Gas service area.

When our customers enroll with Core Energy, they are choosing to take control of their energy costs. Our expert staff is dedicated to informing and educating our customers about all of the choices available to them.

We attribute our past accomplishments and expected future success to our commitment of superior service, competitive rate choices and satisfaction.

Core Energy was founded by Martin Volkman, an energy professional with over 20 years of natural gas supply and pricing experience. Mr. Volkman is also 20 year veteran of the US Army and a recipient of the Bronze Star Medal for Meritorious Service related to his duties as a contract officer in Kuwait during 2005. The Values of Core Energy are: Respect, Integrity, Honor and Service.

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